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Since all people have African ancestry, it is only a matter of time (and DNA testing) before all people admit the truth that schools, churches, the media and many established groups try to hide

See once this truth is out the bag, the entire structure of the world will be changed. I don't believe that it will (or should) lead to a contempt of white people and the racist system. I think it will bring a new respect for Africa and an awakening of spirituality and love among the righteous!
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    Sun, September 17, 2006 - 12:10 PM
    What I personally find interesting is how this genetic information validates that there is only one race, that being the human race, and that skin color is only a superficial (as in meaning "affecting only the surface") difference in all of us, as human beings. I also hope that this knowledge will lead to a new respect for Africa: it certainly made my heart skip a beat to see one of the pioneers in this research, a blue-eyed blonde genetic researcher named Spencer Wells look into the camera (for a PBS special) and proclaim "We are all Africans."
    • Spencer had guts

      Sun, September 17, 2006 - 12:39 PM
      Yes Spencer had guts to go against the grain and tell the truth. The fact that everyone comes from Africa, though, hasn't seemed to awaken some of the weak minded Blacks who worship other cultures, nor has it dissuaded racists like Bush and others, who think of anything African as ANIMAL and UNCIVILIZED.

      But the truth is out, now pay some respect to Africa people! Teach African culture and history in schools.

      Change the very religions that people believe since most religions are Imperial and Racist in their doctrines. (IE: Full of lies)

    Mon, September 18, 2006 - 10:06 AM
    I am sure it is already well known amongst "high placed" people, that we all come from this continent, you know, the story goes a bit deeper, a very important being will tell you more when you visit those links, but before you click on any of them, open your mind and heart,

    As for respect and awakening of spirituality etc..., surely in the next dimension,

      Tue, September 19, 2006 - 12:54 PM
      As far as I can see, the spiritual awakening has been creeping up on our society and is fully here, right now. The only problem is a lot of us are still not willing to open ourselves
      to it. Thru the study of yoga, I am learning a lot about it's origins, if only to answer the question many black people seem to ask first off, even if they themselves have done no research to answer their own question 'didn't yoga come from Africa?' To that question, I would say technically yes, since Africa is the birthplace of mankind. But just as karate and tai chi belong to the Asians, so should the Indians be able to claim yoga. They gave it a name. They took it into their hearts and nourished it, and fleshed it out. Africans have not.
      What I have also learned is that in Egyptian religion, they also studied energy systems of the body and took initiates through purification processes to ready them for being religious leaders in their communities. The crown with the snake head, although originally honoring a certain deity, came to symbolize the 3rd eye. And the sun was the eye of God and was worshipped as such. But the Egyptians intermingled with many other cultures. Asians, Vedic Indians, Greek and Romans. They were open and accepting people when it came to new things and were always willing to try them. I think we, and not just other cultures can be the ones to learn from the Egyptians and the way they lived. Instead of fighting over who had the ball first, trying to really figure out what the ball means and the message it wants convey. We desparately need more spirituality encouraged in our communities. It might be one of the only ways to ensure our survival in this country.

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